Pool chemicals


The complex care of water in your swimming pool during the whole year can be achieved with the regular use of the PROPOOL® products.

Before you start using your swimming pool it is necessary to clean it from sediments and organic dirt which is provided by the product CLEANER GEL.

At the beginning of the swimming season we have to decide if we use during the season products based on chlorine or based on active oxygen. The advantage of using chlorine free products (active oxygen products) is the absence of embarrassing smell and they don’t annoy eyes. Their disadvantage is the more frequent and more exact dosing. It is possible to switch from chlorine method to the oxygen one and opposite during the season but at this time it is necessary to stop dosing the disinfection for 3-5 days. It is also very important to hold the pH value of water in the range from 6.8 to 7.6 and it is highly recommended to add twice higher dosage of ALGAE STOP to prevent the growth of algae in the water.

For the optimal adjustment of water in swimming pool it is necessary to measure first the value of pH and of water hardness. The pH value of water is measured by Water tester, the value of water hardness should be obtained at specialized lab or at your water supplier. The rate of effect of the most disinfection products is highly dependent on the pH value of water. The full effect of the disinfection products can be achieved only at the ideal pH value. If the pH is too low the corrosion of metal parts of the swimming pool appears and colours of plastics and foils become brighter. If the pH value is too high the outfall of calcium appears, the effect rate of disinfection becomes very low and eyes and skin can be annoyed. The ideal value of pH lies in the range of 6.8-7.6. If the pH value is higher than 7.6 it is necessary to use product pH MINUS, if it is lower than 6.8 the product pH PLUS is used. In both cases the pH value is measured the next day after dosage and the process is repeated until the appropriate pH value is achieved. In the case of the high value of water hardness it is recommended to use WATER HARDNESS STABILIZER, minerals which cause unwanted colour of water are bind.    

If we have decided to use products based on chlorine the ideal value of chlorine (0.3 – 0.5 mg/l) is adjusted first by CHLORINE START. The ideal content of chlorine in water is also found out by the Water tester. We measure the concentration of chlorine in water 24 hours after application and if the ideal value was not reached the process should be repeated. The next disinfection is achieved using CHLORINE TABS (20 g or200 g tablets). They slowly dissolve in the skimmer for 5 – 10 days and in this way chlorine is liberated into water. If the concentration of chorine decreases under 0.3 mg/l it is required to add a new dose of tablets. To achieve the higher concentration of chlorine quickly it is recommended to use products CHLORINE RAPID or CHLORINE GRANULAR.

In addition to disinfection products water in the swimming pool should be all the time treated with algaecide and flocculant. For the prevention against algae which cause green, brown or yellow colour of pools walls and bottom as well as embarrassing smell the high effective ALGAE STOP is used. Algae are destroyed after the application and caught in the filter. During a very hot season and/or very intensive usage of the pool it is recommended to use in addition to ALGAE STOP also high effectiveCHLORSHOCK GRANULAR (by the chlorine treatment) or OXYSHOCK (by the oxygen treatment) to prevent the growth of algae.     

If turbidity appears first we should try find out the reason of this phenomenon. It can be caused by the high value of pH (than the outfall of microscopic inorganic particles follows) or it can be caused by the distribution of tiny organic impurities.FLOCCULANT GRANULAR or FLOCCULANT LIQUID is used to remove it. After the application impurities are collected together and flakes are formed. These can be more easily caught by filter or removed from the bottom of the pool. Continuous flocculation is achieved by using FLOCCULANT TABLETS IN CARTRIDGES.

Chlorine disinfection, flaking and algae clearing can be used as a ready combination in the form of COMBI TABS (20 g or 200 g tablets).

If the oxygen treatment method is employed, before the first application of oxygen agents, after the pool is filled or refilled with water, OXY START should be used to stabilize and support the effect of disinfection based on active oxygen. For the regular disinfection one can choose between OXYSHOCK GRANULAR and OXY TABS (200 g). The ideal concentration of oxygen in the water lies in the range of 8 - 15 mg/l and is measured by swimming pool OXYSTESTERS. During normal operation of the pool it must be measured one to two times per week, in very hot weather this should be done more frequently. Before measurement using both methods, it is necessary to check the pH value of the water and if needed, to adjust it to the ideal value.

At the end of the swimming season the level of water in the pool should be adjusted min. 10 cm below the skimmer and jets. The walls of the pool should be cleaned byCLEANER GEL. To the rest of water in the pool WINTERFIT should be added. It prevents the growth of algae and the appearance of turbidity during winter.